The Road to Academic Excellence. The Making of World-Class. Research Universities

Philip G. Altbach and Jamil Salmi (Editors)
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank

“In the world of higher education policy research, the editors of this volume are preeminent scholars. Their ideas have already influenced nations striving for academic excellence. The compilation of the case studies of research universities in developing and transition economies—which together constitute the aspirations for the future—by prominent thinkers and scholars within the world of academia will help reflect beyond the boundaries of accepted wisdom as nations strive toward academic excellence, discovering new pathways to progress and development. The world is eagerly awaiting the emergence of the next big idea in the governance of academia and the metamorphosis of the university as a place of learning.
I consider it my privilege to have been associated with this book, for which I am immensely grateful to the editors—Philip G. Altbach and Jamil Salmi—for having provided me with this opportunity.”
Kapil Sibal. Minister of Human Resource Development. Government of India