Staff Mobility in Higher Education. National Policies and Programmes

Cornelia Racké
European Commission

“The purpose of this short comparative report is to provide an overview of national policies and measures concerning staff mobility in higher education.
The content is based on data extracted from Topic 13 of Eurypedia (Mobility and Internationalisation), more specifically from Article 13.2 (Mobility in Higher Education), focusing on national policies and programmes. The topics to be covered were defined by the guide to the content as well as an additional list of questions sent to all Eurydice National Units in October 2012 concerning
• national policy goals regarding staff mobility in higher education;
• national mobility programmes for higher education staff.
Reflecting the responses received, this short overview report distinguishes between national, bilateral and regional (governmental) programmes to foster staff mobility in higher education. National programmes are organised at national level and one single country is responsible for funding and coordinating the programme. In the case of Belgium, the higher education systems of the French Community, the German-speaking Community and the Flemish Community are treated separately and 'national programmes' or 'national policies' refer to the level of Communities. The same goes for the United Kingdom, with England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland being treated as distinct higher education systems.”