The shape of things to come. The evolution of transnational education: data, definitions, opportunities and impacts analysis

British Council/ Going Global 2013
British Council/ Going Global 2013

“This is the second report in The shape of things to come series and it maps the evolutionary development of transnational education (TNE). It investigates the extent to which TNE has supported host countries’ education agendas over time and in different parts of the world, and assesses the regulatory and market environment in 25 different countries and administrative regions to assess the factors that are most conducive to the successful delivery of TNE.
TNE is often associated with branch campuses in new countries but it can take many different forms and can be delivered through a variety of modes.
This study presents some of the attempts that have been made to outline or map TNE, and explores the challenges presented by defining or trying to create a taxonomy of the various delivery models.”
Dr Jo Beall
Director Education and Society
British Council