Internationalisation of Research Strategy

Griffith University
Griffith University

The Griffith University Strategic Plan 2006-2010 sets internationally competitive research as a major objective. Strategic reorientation has occurred in support of this objective including the formation of Strategic Research Programs and the injection of significant funding into Research Centres. One third of ‘Next Phase’ appointees have come to Griffith directly from overseas institutions and more than 40% of current academic staff were born overseas highlighting the University’s commitment to the internationalisation of its academic workforce. The University has recently adopted a new Internationalisation Strategy which sets out goals, performance indicators, actions and accountabilities for research.


While international collaboration has long been intrinsic to academic research the University realises that the forces of globalisation make it critical to adopt a renewed focus on internationalisation of research. As a leading Australian research university, Griffith conducts research in several areas of global interest which are encompassed by the Strategic Research Programs and research centres. Accordingly, the University will provide additional support and encouragement in areas of research strength which match global research priorities and its strategic investment areas.


This Strategy extends existing documents by setting out a framework and key commitments by which the University will extend its current levels of support for the internationalisation of research and research training. Strategies for achieving greater internationalisation of research include the allocation of more resources to support international collaborations of the highest order1, expansion of existing programs to encourage mobility of researchers and research students to and from the University, and development of a new program to enable research centres and researchers to target international opportunities in a timely manner.