Erasmus. Facts, Figures & Trends. The European Union support for student and staff exchanges and university cooperation in 2012-2013

European Comission
European Comission

“This brochure looks at the ongoing Erasmus story during the academic year 2012-13, an exceptional year marked by a key milestone: the 3 millionth student went abroad with Erasmus this year, and the number of mobile academic and administrative staff broke the 350 000 barrier. The brochure also presents the many joint projects, summer schools and network activities which are changing the ways in which higher education is delivered in Europe. And for the first time, the Erasmus results are presented in this brochure alongside those from three other EU-funded programmes in the fi eld of higher education: Tempus, Jean Monnet and Erasmus Mundus. We hope that this gives a more complete view of the complementarity of EU programmes for the development of higher education which are now being brought together in Erasmus+. All these diff erent forms of cooperation are instrumental in improving the quality of education, providing learning environments that stimulate creativity and curiosity and opening up our universities and colleges to cooperation with the world.”