Workshops and Seminars

The need for training academic personnel and staff involved in the different levels and responsibilities of the internationalization process has been identified in the region. Training staff specialized in the areas of internationalization and international cooperation is crucial for achieving advances, as well as for the consolidation and assurance of the viability of the process. 

To meet this demand, OBIRET offers the following workshops and seminars carried out by worldwide renown experts and conducted in the languages of the region (Spanish, Portuguese, French and English):

»  How to implement a comprehensive or integral internationalization process at the institutional level

Focuses on the challenges facing institutions of tertiary education in the global context and how internationalization can become a strategic means for responding to them. Key concepts related to internationalization are described with explanations of how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate comprehensive and integral internationalization strategies.

»  Strategies for the internationalization of research  

The workshop aims at presenting different strategies for the internationalization of research and their impact on institutional development and global positioning. Global rankings methodologies will be explained and debated.

»  Strategies for the internationalization of curricula  

The workshop aims at presenting the conceptual framework, different strategies and case studies to implement an internationalized curriculum.

»  How to present projects and applications for funding to the European Commission (Erasmus+/Horizon 2020)

The workshop aims at presenting and analyzing various strategies for increasing opportunities to obtain European Commission funding for international projects.

»  Management of international cooperation projects

The workshop aims at improving the management of international cooperation projects in order to increase the benefits resulting from the institutional participation on international programs, projects and activities in accordance with institutional development strategies

»  Design and/or re-structuring of offices for internationalization

The workshops aims at giving support to institutions for the structuring, definition of functions and strategic planning for internationalization offices, in accordance with institutional internationalization plan.

»  How to implement student mobility programs and increase their success

The workshop aims at analyzing the concepts and practical tools for the design and implementation of student mobility programs in order to increase the number of students that benefit from academic international stays.

»  How to obtain greater benefits from institutional participation in international academic cooperation fairs and events

The workshop aims at presenting the most important international education fairs and events around the world, as well as the benefits, strategies and recommendations for institutional participation

»  Internationalization for a competencies based curriculum

The workshop aims at presenting different strategies for implementing a competency-based curriculum, emphasizing the role of internationalization in achieving an international profile for graduates that responds to the demands of global society.

»  The Bologna Process

This workshop describes the characteristics of the Bologna Process and its educational model. 


**Each workshop can be designed to meet the specific needs of the interested institution. For a tailor made proposal please contact the Coordination of OBIRET.


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