CIHE Perspectives No. 2 . Global Dimensions of the Boston College Lynch School of Education: Analysis of a Faculty Survey

Ariane de Gayardon and Hans de Wit
Boston College Center for International Higher Education

"In Spring 2016, a survey was administered to faculty of the Boston College Lynch School of Education (LSOE). It aimed at analyzing the ways in which individual faculty bring an international dimension to their work, and thus will inform the work of the Taskforce on Global Initiatives of the Lynch School, as well as the strategic planning process of LSOE and Boston College. This report presents the results of the survey of LSOE faculty, and relates it to the SWOT analysis of 2014 on expanding the international impact of LSOE and an update of that analysis of April 2016. Finally, it proposes some recommendations on the next steps for LSOE to improve its internationalization. The report places the results in the context of a literature review on the internationalization of schools of education.

The purpose of CIHE Perspectives is to serve as a resource for policy and research, but also to stimulate debate and interaction on key issues in international and comparative higher education. This study fits well in that objective and I am in particular grateful to our graduate assistant Ariane de Gayardon for her work on the survey and this report, as well as to the members of the Taskforce on Global Initiatives of the LSOE and other staff members of CIHE for their comments and contributions to this report."