The EAIE Barometer Extended Executive Summary. Internationalisation in Europe

Leonard Engel
Anna-Malin Sandström
Ruud van der Aa and Anna Glass
EAIE European Association for International Education

The EAIE Barometer 2014


The aim of the EAIE Barometer 2014 is to provide comprehensive research that effectively maps the state of internationalisation in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) from the point of view of the actors directly involved in internationalisation. Responding to this specific need, the European Association for International Education (EAIE), in cooperation with research and consultancy company Ecorys, initiated the EAIE Barometer 2014, which

particularly focuses on:


• The current state of affairs regarding internationalisation in EHEA countries;

• Key developments and challenges in internationalisation;

• Skills requirements/specific needs of staff involved in international education.


The outcomes of the EAIE Barometer 2014 are intended to inform the community of actors in the field on the current state of developments in internationalisation in the EHEA and on the nature of the necessary support to stimulate practices toward enhanced professionalisation.