Consulting services

Institutions of tertiary education report to have a need for consulting services and support to design and implement their internationalization process. Consequently, OBIRET will offer consulting services to interested institutions performed by internationally recognized experts.

»  Evaluation of the international dimension of an institution

A team of international experts will review the institutional internationalization policy and strategies, as well as assess the impact and quality of international activities. 

The review process begins with a self-evaluation in order to gather information on the institution being assessed and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses for the internationalization process. Based on the results of the report, the team of experts will make recommendations to help the institution improve and potentialize its internationalization strategy. Those recommendations will serve as input for the strategic planning and the design of an internationalization plan and correspondent strategies.

»  Design of an internationalization plan and correspondent strategies 

Support will be offered to interested institutions for their internationalization strategic planning, design of their institutional development plan for internationalization, correspondent implementation strategies and programs together with a series of indicators for monitoring and evaluating the advancement of the process.


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